PocDoc and the National Pharmacy Association become official partners

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PocDoc and the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) aim to Transform Community Health Services

CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM, November 16th 2023 — PocDoc is proud to announce its official partnership with the National Pharmacy Association (NPA), with the shared goal of advancing community pharmacy services across the UK. This collaboration is set to make health screening and preventative healthcare more accessible and efficient, using PocDoc's innovative 5-lipid marker test within NPA's member pharmacies.

What PocDoc Offers to NPA Members

Enhanced Health Screening Services: NPA member pharmacies will now incorporate PocDoc’s award-winning 5-lipid marker test, allowing pharmacists to provide convenient and comprehensive cardiovascular health screenings.

Rapid NHS Health Checks: PocDoc’s comprehensive cardiovascular disease screenings involve QRISK assessments and a full quantitative lateral flow cholesterol test, in under 7 minutes. The process is facilitated through the PocDoc app on any smart device, with an immediate digital copy sent to patients.

A Call to Experience Healthcare Innovation

The NPA invites its members to request a demo and have a first-hand experience with the proprietary 5-marker lipid test that PocDoc is bringing to community pharmacies.

"The National Pharmacy Association is delighted to partner with PocDoc. We believe their approach to health screening will significantly enhance our pharmacy members. This collaboration will allow more community pharmacies to be key health hubs within their communities. Overall we are excited about the potential this partnership holds for transforming community health care delivery."

- NPA Team

"We are thrilled to partner with the NPA, an organisation that aligns perfectly with our vision of making healthcare more proactive and accessible. Through this partnership, we aim to empower pharmacies by offering rapid and reliable health screenings that can make a real difference in community health outcomes."

- Steve Roest, CEO and Co-Founder of PocDoc

About the NPA:

The National Pharmacy Association is the leading UK-wide trade association for community pharmacy. The NPA advocates for the profession and supports its members with a range of services designed to help them provide excellent patient care. They are committed to supporting independent community pharmacies in their critical role of providing frontline healthcare and advice.

About PocDoc:

PocDoc is a leading digital health platform dedicated to transforming the way we approach health screening and management. Combining proprietary lateral flow tests with a powerful cloud-based AI diagnostics platform, PocDoc provides end-to-end digital pathways for various health assessments, aiming to make the process of monitoring and managing health conditions more efficient and user-friendly.

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