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27 million lives are lost each year to preventable diseases*

Cardio, Metabolic and Renal (CMR) diseases are the leading cause of dealths globally and are crippling our healthcare systems.

Identifying those at highest risk of disease and ensuring they receive appropriate treatment could save millions of lives and save the global economy trillions of pounds per year.

*Source: Glob Heart. 2024 / World Health Organisation

Access to testing has never been more vital

Millions of people are living with CMR diseases/at risk of CMR but have never been tested.

As with many conditions accessing testing and treatment can be difficult, yet up to 90%* of cases of CMR diseases could be prevented through early intervention.

*Source: Preventing Heart Disease in the 21st Century, American Heart Association Journal, Henry C McGill

PocDoc is the future of point of care

We believe there's a smarter, faster way to make diagnostics available for all, especially those at highest risk.

Smart health in your hands

Smart health in your hands

Smart health in your hands

We've built the first digital platform that combines rapid diagnostic testing with access to healthcare pathways via the PocDoc app.

PocDoc’s Healthy Heart Check is the first in a series of easy-to-use home test kits that will provide a revolution in healthcare and prevent millions of premature deaths.

In under 10 minutes we can provide fully quantified lipid results, Heart Age and 10 year risk of cardiovascular disease, as well as access to follow on treatment.


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