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PocDoc is an app-based technology platform that combines proprietary lateral flow tests and cloud-based AI diagnostics to deliver end to end digital pathways for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases.

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PocDoc is able to deliver the full end-to-end cardiovascular health check pathway, including a quantified, lab-grade 5 marker cholesterol test with results in the app, in under 10 minutes per person.

The test itself delivers fully quantified results for the clinical standard Lipid (cholesterol) panel, including:

  • Total Cholesterol
  • HDL
  • Non HDL or LDL
  • Triglycerides
  • Total Cholesterol / HDL ratio
Poc Doc digital platform

PocDoc is a digital platform – from test to app to cloud – that provides results, risk assessment and access to follow on treatment from your healthcare provider.

PocDoc Pro for

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Health checks delivered in under 10 minutes, across iOS and Android

Dedicated account set up, security and experience for professionals

Combines overall health screening questions with biological results

Displays results in easy-to-explain health dashboard with clear “so what” for patients

Automatically emails copy of the results to patient and to professional organisation doing the testing (where needed)

Can send results to patient record instantly and securely

PocDoc for Individuals

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Test yourself using any PocDoc tests at home at your convenience

Checks key heart health measures, including blood test in under 10 minutes

Available on iOS and Android

Clear explanation of your results, overlayed with risk factors

Real time connection to clinical advice, follow on support and potential treatments

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