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PocDoc is an app-based technology platform that combines proprietary Microfluidic Assay (MFA) technology and cloud-based AI diagnostics to deliver end-to-end digital pathways for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases.

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PocDoc technology is patent-protected and has 3 core components

PocDoc MFA

Our patented MFA (Microfluidic Assay) Platform is the first, truly portable, quantitative, digital diagnostic test platform that can perform complex multi-marker interactions to a clinically valid standard.

  • Our unique microfluidic design, allows for complex biomarker interactions to take place concurrently
  • Blood and plasma are separated on assay, enabling biomarkers that require serum samples to be analysed rapidly
  • Using proprietary enzymatic processes and biochemical colourimetry, we can accurately quantify biomarker results within a wide clinical range
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HUE Snap 2x


Our 10-step cloud-based diagnostic pipeline (HUESnap) is capable of accurate colorimetric quantification of multiple biomarkers in the field from a single assay, producing clinically valid concentration predictions in seconds.

  • Combined with advanced AI algorithms, HUESnap can identify and correct for common issues to unlock true, quantitative measures using smartphones
  • Our patented ALS algorithm, enables near-universal neutralisation of environmental lighting conditions to maintain highest levels of clinical accuracy
  • HUESnap assesses real-world conditions and dynamically select the most accurate prediction algorithms to deliver the highest accuracy across all smartphones in different environments


We’ve developed PocDocOS to enable a consortium approach to radically reduce the occurrence of major diseases by providing the digital infrastructure for the future of point of care testing.

Using machine learning, data and process integration, dynamic workflows, and real-time alerting, PocDocOS enables:

  • Live data visualisation of all diagnostic testing
  • Real-time integration with Electronic Health Records and insurer systems
  • Population health management knowledge, derived from real-time data analytics including critical biomarker results
  • Dynamic clinical workflows that improve process efficiency and efficacy
  • Pathway integrated longitudinal health metrics, help patients to become the agents for their health outcomes
  • Integration of any 3rd party testing device that relies on bioimaging for diagnostics
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