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We are are a multidisciplinary team of scientists, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, working to revolutionise the way people access diagnosis and treatment for major diseases.

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Many individuals recognise the potential risks associated with cholesterol and seek to understand their own status.

However, due to resource limitations, if someone is deemed high-risk, they are often turned away. Without concrete results and guidance, they may be unable to take the necessary steps to improve their long-term health or delay/prevent cardiovascular disease.

Access issues have become even more pronounced as health inequalities have widened. In response, we pondered the question: How can we make it easier for patients to undergo blood tests and facilitate screening?

Our answer was to leverage the ubiquity and image analysis capabilities of smartphones. We designed an accessible test that harnesses the phone’s image analysis capabilities and creates a unique offering combined with cloud computing.


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Steve Roest
CEO & Co-Founder

Steve is a multiple time Innovate UK grant award winner, as well as a member of the UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders review board. Steve is a huge advocate for innovation and pushing boundaries of what is possible with technology. He is passionate about the people and companies who are changing the world, especially in HealthTech and Healthcare.

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Kiran Roest
CSO & Co-Founder

Kiran has nearly 20 years experience in bringing life sciences innovations to market in large pharma and startup environments. Following a PhD from Imperial College London, she’s held roles in clinical and scientific research, business development and commercial operations. Kiran has a passion for healthcare digitisation and believes technology will have a huge role in shaping the future of healthcare.

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Vladimir Gubala
Head of R&D & Co-Founder

Vlad has a background in organic, synthetic chemistry with over 20 years experience in the personalised diagnostics field. After completing his PhD in 2006, he worked at the University of Florida, later joining the world of point-of-care diagnostics at the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute. Throughout his research career, Vlad has published more than 50 research articles and has been cited more than 2000 times.

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