Dr Kate Bunyan Joins PocDoc as Lead Clinical Director


PocDoc Welcomes Visionary Clinical Leader, Dr. Kate Bunyan, As Their New Clinical Director

CAMBRIDGE, England,  November 15th, 2023 — PocDoc is excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Kate Bunyan as their Lead Clinical Director. With nearly 15 years of leadership experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Bunyan brings her expertise in women's health, menopause care, and innovative healthcare strategies to the PocDoc team.

A Passionate Advocate for Healthcare Innovation

Dr. Bunyan's career includes roles as Medical Director at Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, Vira Health, and Miad Healthcare. Her vision of transforming healthcare through innovation and empowerment aligns with PocDoc's mission to provide optimal patient care and deliver progressive healthcare solutions.

" Equitable access to healthcare and improvement in preventative health management through the empowerment of people to support their own health, are key values for me in my work. PocDoc brings these two elements together to tackle significant health issues, with a really simple-to-use interface for healthcare professionals, directly for individual people, so the product is a great fit for the work I’m keen to be involved in. “

- Dr. Kate Bunyan, Clinical Director of PocDoc

PocDoc's Future with Dr. Kate Bunyan

PocDoc aims to lead the way with innovative healthtech solutions with their proprietary 5-lipid marker test. With Dr. Bunyan on board, the company envisions leveraging her expertise to expand into more tests, building out the entire cardiovascular clinical pathway digitally, improving clinical outcomes for users and diversifying the target market to global levels. Dr. Bunyan believes PocDoc's approach to simplifying healthcare, one problem at a time, is the key to its potential success in the medical field.

"PocDoc's aim is to provide our innovative technology to improve community medicine and impact lives. We have the ability to simplify and address core health challenges affecting a global audience, and Dr. Kate Bunyan's addition will undoubtedly add to our efforts to revolutionize the healthcare scene. We look forward to what the future holds with her guidance as lead Clinical Director ."

- Steve Roest, CEO of PocDoc

PocDoc's Commitment to Community Health

PocDoc's 5-Lipid marker panel is an example of how PocDoc addresses community cardiovascular screening problems. Dr. Bunyan envisions the PocDoc platform bridging the gap in healthcare access, targeting high-risk individuals, especially in rural areas with limited access to GP surgeries and providing the necessary tools for cardiovascular disease prevention across the United Kingdom.

“Knowing your numbers” isn’t enough. People only change their behaviours when they understand why they need to. PocDoc’s lipid panel does more than just give you the values relating to your lipids, it turns those data points into information relevant and understandable to you personally. That gives you your ‘why’ to change your behaviour and reduce your risks”

- Dr. Kate Bunyan, Clinical Director of PocDoc

PocDoc Culture - Why did you want to join the PocDoc Team?

“The PocDoc team are transparent and vocal in their desire to get this right for healthcare providers and patients/users alike, which I really value when working with an organisation. I was keen to bring my experiences to join with the huge array of talent from other backgrounds they already have in the team as the product moves out of the trial and learn phase and into a commercially viable product.”

- Dr. Kate Bunyan, Clinical Director of PocDoc

About PocDoc:

PocDoc is a leading digital health platform, combining proprietary lateral flow tests and cloud-based AI diagnostics to deliver end-to-end digital pathways for cardiovascular disease assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, aiming to make diagnostic testing as accessible and affordable as possible.

About Dr. Kate Bunyan:

Dr. Kate Bunyan is a seasoned medical doctor with a specialized focus on women's health and menopause care. With over 15 years of experience in clinical leadership roles subsequent to her tenure in the NHS, she has consistently led transformative healthcare initiatives. Dr. Bunyan is dedicated to making quality healthcare accessible and emphasizes patient empowerment through innovative strategies. Her expertise encompasses clinical proficiency, an understanding healthcare commercials, and an acute grasp of patient needs.

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