A Hearty Profit: How PocDoc Positively Impacts Community Pharmacies

Learn how PocDoc positively impacts community pharmacies by reducing the burden of cardiovascular disease across the United Kingdom (UK)


Cholesterol confusion cleared: PocDoc debunking cholesterol myths

Learn how PocDoc debunks popular cholesterol myths that have a direct impact on our understanding of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk.


PocDoc’s Review of 2023: Striving to Close the Cardiovascular Disease Screening Gap

In 2023, PocDoc has made significant strides in enhancing access to cardiovascular health screenings across the UK. PocDoc has been key in addressing the gap in cardiovascular disease screening, especially in underserved areas.


What is PocDoc?

Learn about the first digital cardiovascular assessment tool , including: the proprietary PocDoc Lipid Test and  PocDoc App which provide a comprehensive cardiovascular screen in under 8 minutes. 


Understanding PocDoc Lipid Test Results

Explore insights on PocDoc's 5-lipid marker test, aligned with NHS guidelines. Learn what your results mean for cardiovascular risks and the factors influencing lipid levels, from genetics to lifestyle choices.


Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Using QRISK

Delve deep into QRISK, the UK's prime tool for estimating an individual's 10-year risk for having a cardiovascular disease (e.g. heart attack or stroke)


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