Steve Roest and PocDoc Join the Esteemed NHS England SME Advisory Board

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Steve Roest and PocDoc Join the Esteemed NHS England SME Advisory Board

PocDoc is thrilled to announce the appointment of Steve Roest, the CEO of PocDoc, and PocDoc as a member of the prestigious NHS England SME Advisory Board. This appointment makes PocDoc one of only eight companies in the UK currently chosen to represent small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) at the highest level.

SMEs are the backbone of the NHS, as many NHS suppliers are small businesses. SMEs have the potential to save the NHS costs while benefiting patents. In fact, the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) revealed that they have saved the NHS over £30 million and benefitted 1.2 million patients.

Steve Roest knows first-hand the significance of SMEs in the healthcare sector and is dedicated to promoting their benefits within the NHS.

Upon his appointment, Steve has committed to providing decades of his expertise to aid in the transformation of the NHS through HealthTech and representing the needs and concerns of SMEs to the highest level of the NHS in England. Here’s what Steve had to say about his new venture:

“As an Advisory Board member, I am excited to support the fantastic work the Board has already accomplished and contribute my experiences to help drive innovation forward in the NHS. As a founder and CEO of an SME myself I know first hand the huge value we bring to the UK economy and the NHS specifically. ” – Steve Roest, CEO and Co-Founder of PocDoc

About Steve Roest

Steve is the CEO and co-founder of the UK-based Healthtech company, PocDoc. With 20 years of experience building global tech businesses, Steve feels passionately about the prevention of Cardiovascular Disease which has culminated in the creation of PocDoc.


PocDoc combines proprietary microfluidic assay technology and its AI-driven HUESnap© digital diagnostic pipeline within the cloud based PocDocOS© ecosystem to deliver end to end digital pathways for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of major diseases - starting with Cardio, Metabolic and Renal Diseases.

As a multiple time Innovate UK grant award winner, Steve is dedicated to spreading awareness on the importance of self-care in disease prevention and how innovative technology can aid in that process. His work at PocDoc in partnership with the NHS has empowered many individuals to take more control over their health through self-testing and lifestyle changes which can eventually lead to a reduction in cases, easing the financial burden of diseases in the country.

Steve is also an advocate for bridging the health inequality gap in the UK and has made an invaluable impact in underfunded communities through community health screening initiatives. This was made possible through strategic partnerships with the NHS and multiple community pharmacies such as Lincolnshire Co-op Pharmacy.


In addition to his work with PocDoc, Steve is the host of the UK’s leading HealthTech podcast, which explores and highlights current leaders in the industry and their impact on the technological revolution of healthcare. The podcast, which is currently in the top 100 in medicine and health on Apple Podcasts, serves not only as beacon for health and technology enthusiasts but also as an inspiration for those wanting to make an impact in the industry.

Steve also acts as a mentor to many founders and operators in the health and technology space through his collaborative, the Last Friday Club, which he launched. On the Last Friday of every month, he gives up his time to talk, free of charge, to anyone with particular business challenges in a “safe space” without fees or any alternative agenda. Steve is also currently a member of the UK Research and Innovation Future Leaders review board.

About the SME Advisory Board

The NHS England SME Advisory Group was formed to counsel NHS Commercial issues impacting small and medium-sized enterprises working with the NHS. Its primary goal is to enhance opportunities for SMEs to participate in NHS activities. Though the group has advisory capabilities, it is not focused on decision-making or influencing certain procurements.

Steve Roest will have the opportunity to work alongside the other members of the board, who are well-established individuals committed to the growth and development of the NHS. 

Some of the senior members of the board include:

  • Jacqui Rock, Commercial Director NHS England
  • Nick Fox, Director of Commercial Delivery NHS England
  • Simon Clarke-Managing Director of Procurement for the Birmingham & Solihull ICS
  • Nathan Joy-Johnson, Group Director of Procurement North Midlands & Black Country Procurement Group
  • Michelle McCann, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer, NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP)

Why PocDoc?

PocDoc’s selection to this advisory board indicates its commitment to transforming healthcare through groundbreaking innovations. This milestone recognises PocDoc’s ability to deliver innovative solutions that benefit both patients and healthcare providers, directly impacting the NHS's future. PocDoc’s new role also highlights the importance of SMEs in the decision-making processes and their invaluable impact on the healthcare sector.


Steve Roest and PocDoc are committed to providing valuable insights that will aid in the creation of effective solutions that will bring about transformative change across the NHS. Through active participation in board discussions and addressing new ways to deal with key problems, PocDoc will further strengthen its position as a trusted partner of the NHS.

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