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PocDoc Co-founders Featured in TechRound: Building a Partnership Beyond Business

A Visionary Duo

Steve and Kiran, the co-founders of PocDoc, were recently featured in a piece by Izzy Murphy in TechRound. They discuss what it's like to work together not only as business partners but also as a couple. Their story is one of innovation, dedication, and a shared mission to transform the world of diagnostics.

PocDoc: A Revolution in Personal Diagnostics

PocDoc, created by the visionary duo, is a leading digital health platform and personal diagnostics tool. The platform's key function is to enable anyone with a smartphone to test themselves for a range of major diseases and conditions. In just six minutes, users can receive results comparable to a standard pathology lab test, which could take days or weeks.

For Steve and Kiran, the journey didn't just stem from a business idea. They both have personal experiences with family members struggling to get blood tests through traditional methods. Kiran's father's denial of a cholesterol check by his GP was a poignant moment that sparked the idea for PocDoc. They realized that routine testing should be more available to the public, leading to the development of PocDoc.

A Timeline of Success: PocDoc's Milestones

After launching in 2020, they achieved significant milestones, including:

Becoming the first app-based COVID-19 screening service in the UK.Leading the first company to trial lateral flow testing for air travel during the pandemic, partnering with Edinburgh Airport.

Their efforts haven't gone unnoticed. They are now backed by the NHS Digital Accelerator and have been recognized as part of the movement to transform the NHS. Their ambitious roadmap includes plans to add different tests that tackle various diseases and conditions to the app in the coming years.

Balancing Business and Family: A Dynamic Duo

While the journey has been filled with achievements, it's not without its challenges. The couple balances their time between the UK and Switzerland, managing a fast-growing startup, and taking care of their young family. Yet, their passion for addressing health inequality, democratizing access to vital diagnostics, and relieving strain on healthcare services keeps them aligned and driven.

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