PocDoc Selected by Roche Diagnostics to Join Startup Creasphere


PocDoc Integrates into Roche Diagnostics' Point of Care (POC) Ecosystem through Piloting in the Prestigious "Creasphere" Programme

LONDON , October 26th, 2023 — PocDoc is delighted to announce that Roche Diagnostics has selected them to participate in the acclaimed Startup Creasphere programme. This collaboration signifies PocDoc and Roche Diagnostics' dedication to leading innovative health solutions at the forefront of healthcare globally.

An Innovation Collaboration with Roche Diagnostics through Startup Creasphere

This collaboration will explore innovative pilots, integrating PocDoc into Roche Diagnostics' broader POC ecosystem. With its history of being a global pioneer in healthcare solutions, Roche Diagnostics extends an exploration of innovation through its Creasphere programme, and PocDoc, with its unique and clinically relevant solutions, proudly steps into this venture.

"We are immensely thrilled and honoured to work closely with an illustrious organisation like Roche Diagnostics through the Creasphere programme. This innovation collaboration not only elevates PocDoc's endeavours in advancing healthcare solutions but also represents a mutual commitment towards revolutionising healthcare practices across the globe."

- Steve Roest, CEO and Co-Founder of PocDoc.

PocDoc's Role in Advancing Digital Health

PocDoc's integration into Roche Diagnostics' POC ecosystem is a testament to the profound impact of their digital health platform, including the proprietary cardiovascular health checks and lipid testing. PocDoc's technology combines lateral flow tests and cloud-based AI diagnostics to facilitate comprehensive cardiovascular disease assessment, diagnosis, and treatment pathway within minutes, at home, in the community and in clinical settings. This innovation is directed towards making diagnostic testing for cardiometabolic diseases as accessible and quick as possible, which aligns strongly with the aims of the Startup Creasphere programme.

This announcement builds on the numerous NHS entities, pharmacy chains and other healthcare organisations that are partnered with PocDoc to deliver a step-change in access to cardiometabolic testing.

About Startup Creasphere Programme

Startup Creasphere, established by Roche and Plug and Play in 2018, serves as the inaugural health-focused innovation programme. This programme is fundamentally designed to facilitate the acceleration of success for young, innovative health tech companies through a dedicated pilot-driven program spanning 3 months. Offering many opportunities, such as business development avenues with leading corporations, capital, mentoring, and global network access, Startup Creasphere is a beacon of transformative healthcare innovation, driving open innovation and fostering collaborative co-creation within the worldwide healthcare ecosystem.

About PocDoc

Founded by Dr Kiran Roest, Dr Vladimir Gubala and Steve Roest, PocDoc's mission is to make diagnostic testing as accessible and affordable as possible. The PocDoc platform allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to test themselves for a range of major diseases and conditions, receive a full health assessment and be offered solutions to address any health-related issues that arise, including real-time prescription of medication and clinical support.

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