PocDoc partners with Health Innovation East on cardiovascular screening and commits future to region

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PocDoc, a local Cambridge-based digital health business, today announces a major partnership with Health Innovation East - delivering digital health checks and integrated lipid testing in communities across the region to help assess the risk of developing heart disease or suffering a stroke.

PocDoc was born out of the vibrant Cambridge technology cluster and as a direct result of support received from the local NHS entities, including Health Innovation East. PocDoc is excited to announce it is opening a major research and development, manufacturing and operational hub in the region as of April 2024.

This move commits the future of the company to the region, with the potential to add hundreds of jobs over the coming years as well as enabling export of PocDoc’s products to other global markets.

Cardiovascular disease continues to be one of the leading causes of death and ill health across the Cambridge and Peterborough region accounting for 24.9% of all deaths. Cardiovascular disease also affects deprived areas disproportionally, meaning individuals in those areas are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease than individuals who live in other areas.

Using PocDoc’s patented test technology, the PocDoc digital pathway collects all the information needed for a cardiovascular risk assessment, including blood pressure, Body mass index (BMI) and lipid levels (fats which circulate in the blood – including cholesterol and triglycerides). The PocDoc app displays all results, including blood marker values, in a health dashboard with comparison to NHS clinical guidelines.

The project will see full health checks being delivered in primary care, key community hubs and at home to demonstrate whether new models of care using innovative technology like PocDoc can find more patients at risk of cardiovascular disease, with greater efficiency than using existing care pathways.

The project also builds on PocDoc’s current roll out across the Midlands, West Yorkshire and the North East - in partnership with Health Innovation North East and North Cumbria and Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber - which has delivered valuable insights that underline the value of the innovative, technology-supported approach to cardiovascular disease prevention, including:

  • 80% of people tested had never had a cholesterol test before.
  • 40% of people tested had elevated (unhealthy) levels of cholesterol.
  • 17% would qualify as having undiagnosed cardiovascular disease.
  • 95% of people said they found the community-based testing “significantly more convenient” than trying to get an appointment at their local GP.
  • 97% of people would recommend the programme to a friend or relative.

Ensuring equitable early assessment, awareness and management of cardiovascular disease is also a focus for Health Innovation East - the innovation arm of the NHS in the East of England - which supported PocDoc by connecting its leadership with Heads of Innovation in the region's Integrated Care Boards (organisations planning health services for local populations) and clinical leads in the East's NHS Trusts.

Louise Jopling, Commercial Director, Health Innovation East, says: 

“Tackling cardiovascular disease is a major priority for our organisation, as is building a bridge between local innovative companies and the wider NHS system – it is extremely exciting that this project combines both and emphasises the value of the Health Innovation Network in helping local innovators solve local health problems.”

Steve Roest, CEO and co-founder at PocDoc, says:

“We are extremely excited to commit to the Cambridge and Peterborough region to grow PocDoc. This has only been possible due to the extensive advice and support from the local teams at the ICS and Health Innovation Network and the enthusiasm we’ve encountered in engaging with innovative approaches. Using PocDoc, a local company, to make the health of local people better and create jobs for local people is something we are all very proud of.”

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