PocDoc Partners with Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC) , Serving Community Health Services in Millom, Cumbria

MILLOM, CUMBRIA- England October 19th 2023 — PocDoc announces its recent collaboration with Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC) to introduce health services in Cumbria from October 19th. 
Tackling Health Challenges in Rural Areas

The partnership was established to provide PocDoc's proprietary 5-lipid marker cholesterol tests and other essential health check-ins across the region. The partnership was established to provide PocDoc's proprietary 5-lipid marker cholesterol tests and other essential health check-ins across the region.This service is designed to address the challenges faced by the 54% of Cumbria's population living in rural communities, where regular access to GP services can be limited. The collaboration with CHoC underscores the commitment to ensure every individual, irrespective of their location, has timely, convenient access to quality healthcare.

PocDoc's Role in Streamlining Health Check-ins

Integrating PocDoc's digital health platform into this service represents PocDoc’s mission towards increasing access to healthcare in communities. The platform's ability to manage and analyse lipid measurements such as cholesterol will simplify the health check process for the community.

"We are pleased to work alongside Cumbria Health on Call. This partnership not only showcases PocDoc's dedication to enhancing healthcare solutions but also reinforces our commitment to improving healthcare accessibility in Cumbria and the whole United Kingdom."

- Steve Roest, CEO of PocDoc

“The vision is to add the PocDoc 5 lipid-marker test as an option for persons to test their cholesterol. This would be added to the full preventative screening for persons in Cumbria, and we are so glad that the PocDoc team took the time to come down and meet us here to introduce the app and test with us.”

- Richard McGregor, Head of Digital and Performance at Cumbria Health On Call (CHoC)

Event Details – Cumbria Health on Call

The event, which was hosted at the Recreation Centre car park in Millom, included cholesterol tests and general health check-ups, including blood pressure. In the coming weeks, PocDoc and CHoC aim to expand these services, making them available to more residents of the region.

More information about future collaborations and events can be found on the official PocDoc website: www.pocdoc.co

About Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC)

Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC) provides primary health care services across 17 sites in Cumbria, including Bentham in North Yorkshire. Serving approximately 528,000 residents, CHoC addresses the challenges of Cumbria's vast rural landscape with 12 specialized vehicles and operates in district general hospitals like Carlisle, Whitehaven, and Barrow. Established from the 2009 merger of CueDoc Ltd and Baycall, CHoC is a non-profit healthcare provider and, in 2014, was honored with the Social Enterprise Mark for their commitment to societal and environmental wellbeing.

About PocDoc:

PocDoc is a leading digital health platform, combining proprietary lateral flow tests and cloud-based AI diagnostics to deliver end-to-end digital pathways for cardiovascular disease assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, aiming to make diagnostic testing as accessible and affordable as possible.

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