PocDoc Announce Launch of Cardiovascular Lipid test


PocDoc Unveils a Groundbreaking Smartphone-Based Test for Cardiovascular Disease

Revolutionizing Cardiovascular Testing

The PocDoc team is thrilled to unveil a world-first in diagnostics: a smartphone-based at-home test for cardiovascular disease. This advancement stands as a testament to our relentless pursuit of healthcare innovation and accessibility.

The tests are set to be available in Spring, starting with healthcare distributors and businesses, such as private healthcare providers, pharmacies, and care workers. This focused approach will ensure the highest standards of service before a wider public roll-out planned for later in 2022.

The PocDoc Cardiovascular Lipid Test: A Closer Look

The PocDoc test encompasses the full five-marker lipid panel, recognized as the gold standard for cardiovascular assessment. This comprehensive approach ensures that the results are as detailed and accurate as those obtained through traditional methods.

The launch of this innovative test has not gone unnoticed. Several media outlets have covered the story, acknowledging the potential impact on global healthcare:

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